Covid-19 Update

In this time of crisis, it’s important for our online readers to understand what we are doing to keep our carers and clients safe from the global pandemic COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus.

Below is a list of actions we will be taking to help protect both our clients and carers.

The extra measures we have put into place to address this crisis

To help ensure that our clients do not get sick as a result of COVID 19 we have implemented several policies and rules to protect them.

Before and after a client visit

  • Carers are required to wash their hands thoroughly with soap & hot water before attending a client visit and after finishing with the client. Carers are provided with their own towel.


  • We are continuing to supply the carers with gloves, aprons, hand-sanitizer, and masks.

Checking your temperature regularly

  • We have infrared thermometers for anybody wishing to check their temperature.

Communication between management and carers

  • We have increased our line of communication between our office management team and our carers. Our management team are now in the field delivering essentials to our carer outside the client’s house.

Getting our clients their everyday essentials

  • Shopping – household essentials, food, and drink will now be picked up by our carers from the local supermarket.

Keeping the family informed

  • Regular updates will be sent to family members to ensure they understand what care is being delivered and to gain insight into the client’s mental health.

Government guidelines

  • We are encouraging staff to follow all government and health expert guidelines. This includes keeping 2 metres away from others when out in public, washing your hands regularly, and covering your mouth when coughing.

Getting in touch

If you would like to talk to us about obtaining care for a loved one in the Cheshire area feel free to give us a ring on 0161 941 6677 for a telephone assessment.

The government guidelines in regards to COVID-19 can be found on the NHS website.

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